Caring for your silver jewellery

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Your sterling silver jewellery will stay looking good for longer if you know how to look after it.

Keep each piece in a small acid free pouch if possible, or if your jewellery came in a box keep it in there. Rolling in a soft cloth or jewellery roll is also a good way to keep it.

When you wear your jewellery always put it on as the last thing you do other words after you have sprayed perfume, hairspray or any other products you may use. This is because the chemicals in these products react badly with silver and will eat into it gradually as well as tarnishing it.

Don't wear your jewellery in the bath or shower especially if it contains stones or pearls. It is a good idea to remove jewellery at bedtime too.

If you need to clean your jewellery then we recommend using a silver cloth ( available at most supermarkets these days ) and gently rubbing it to bring back the sheen. Silver dip should only be used in extreme circumstances as ultimately it can speed up the tarnishing process. Pearl jewellery should never be dipped as pearls are quite a soft material.

If it is very hot and you are wearing silver sometimes this can make it tarnish as it comes into contact with may be a good idea to rinse any plain silver under the tap ( cool water please! ) to remove this before polishing with a silver cloth.e3776 sil hummingbird drops